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The Domaine

The Domaine de Loye was established by Jean-Bernard Moindrot in 1970. A family tradition led him to continue to work the vines of his grandfather, who was also a miller.

Since Valentin returned to the domaine the focus has been to respect the formula ‘a healthy vine produces a quality wine’. Both father and son apply themselves rigorously in respect to their motto.

Our vineyards cover 15 hectares and are divided as follows:
  • 11 hectares planted to Sauvignon blanc for Menetou-Salon white
  • 4 hectares planted to Pinot Noir for Menetou-Salon red and rosé

The limestone-clay soils and the favourable aspect of the hillside allow us to produce wines that are naturally very aromatic. We vinify and produce the equivalent of 110 000 bottles.
For you, we make a quality wine that respects its terroir and retains its authenticity.
The awards we have received echo the labour of our work.

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